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How a PCA pump works. Your child’s care team (doctor, nurse, and pharmacist) will decide which pain medicine will be put in a cassette or bag and attached to the PCA pump. The tubing from the PCA pump will be attached to your child’s IV line. The pain medicine is usually morphine, hydromorphone (Dilaudid®), or fentanyl.

Pca pump use

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PCA modalities. Electronic PCA pumps have several models in the market, including small portable devices nowadays. Since the first commercially available PCA pump (“Cardiff Palliator”), PCA devices have evolved enormously in technological sophistication, ease of use, flexibility and portability. This pump has been calibrated for use with single-use disposable syringes. To ensure correct and accurate operation, only use 3 piece Luer lock versions of the syringe make specified on the pump or described in this manual. Use of non-specified syringes or extension sets may impair the operation of the pump and the accuracy of the infusion.

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PCA infusion pumps (Alaris P5000 PCA) must be used for all PCA infusions. The PCA infusion line should be clearly labelled with a blue IV opioid label at the 3-way-tap where the PCA line meets the maintenance line. 50 mL Braun Omnifix syringes are used for PCA, together with … Results: Use of a PCA pump was significantly associated with increased in-hospital postoperative surgical site infections (10.7% for PCA, 4.0% for no PCA). The odds ratio for PCA use was about 4.0 after controlling for many variables, including severity of illness at admission, body mass index, preadmission use of corticosteroids, perforated Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) is a method of pain relief that allows a patient to self-administer small doses of analgesia as required, from a locked programmable pump.

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Pca pump use


Your health care provider will instruct you on the proper use of this pump. This guide is intended to supplement those instructions. Because Alaris PCA pumps use smart pump technology, there is very little risk of overmedication with these infusion pumps.
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This video will show you how to appropriately setup one of our PCA pumps for a patient. PCA pumps are often used after surgery because they provide a more consistent method of pain control than periodic injections of pain medication.

Engångspump som arbetar med ett stabilt övertryck från att infusionen startar till läkemedelsreservoaren är tömd.
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Some people may not be able to use a PCA pump.