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Here is Marek's website: mareklarwood.com. Twitter and Instagram: @mareklarwood Marek Larwood Podcasts In The Temp, Warren (Marek Larwood) is sent to a variety of temp jobs by his recruitment officer Aimee (Vicki Pepperdine) on the promise that if he does a good job, it might become permanent. And each time, the job turns out to be more dangerous and ludicrous than advertised. Listen to Episode 24 with Marek Larwood, Matthew Crosby, Sikisa, and Briony May Williams now. Listen to Episode 24 with Marek Larwood, Matthew Crosby, Sikisa, and Briony May Williams in full in the Spotify app. Play on Spotify Comedians David Reed and Marek Larwood discuss films old and new, from the latest releases to cult classics.

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Marek appears as Boris Johnson in Danny Boyle‘s Babylon on Channel 4. Here is Marek’s attempt to be considered for Sports Personality of the Year 2014. Here is the second episode of Marek’s Viral Video Show. January 2014. Marek is making his own online sketch for download.

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I like making films with no apparent thought or purpose. I like drinking milk and playing a sport I invented called Volfsball.

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Marek larwood

They must try and collect five brown stars before being caught by POOMAN! Cool Dude #1’s first attempt at the challenge to spot fifty points worth of things from the Spotter’s Handbook. You can find out more about the handbook and send your own photos in on the Spotter’s Handbook page.

Upon discussing the idea with friends Lee Bannard and John Gordon in a pub, John suggested the name of Volfsball. The reason being that most of the other names ending in ‘ball’ were taken, and the website for Volfsball was available for £20. Marek Larwood paints Salvador Dali's Masterpiece 'The Persistence of Memory' in fifteen minutes. It's Acrylic on Cardboard. If you enjoyed this please help m Pooman is the fun and terrifying new card game for two players or more age 4+.
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Marek Larwood. United Kingdom. YouTuber since Jun 2010. 8.7k Subscribers 1.1M Views. Stats · Net worth.

Sign up to the mailing list to find out when it’s released. Marek Makes a Movie is a project where where I talked to low budget film makers and people who work in the industry about their film making experiences.
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